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Man Bares all at Japan Palace

TOKYO ~ A British tourist in Tokyo caused havoc on Tuesday after he swam stark naked in the moat around the Imperial Palace, one of Japan’s most sacrosanct sites, television footage showed.
Police seized the bald and portly man after a nearly two-hour chase in which he hurled rocks at police and scaled the moat’s walls as shocked onlookers snapped photos from their cellphones.
The 40-year-old had been touring the sprawling palace in central Tokyo with Spanish tourists, Fuji Television said, although police later said that the man was a British national living in Spain.

Cheating Florist Nipped in the Bud

SEOUL ~ South Korean prosecutors have arrested a florist for pruning his rivals’ business by clicking repeatedly on their online advertisements.
Victims claim Jeong, 44, caused 500 million won (US$376,000) in losses to rival florists, the prosecutors’ office said.
In South Korea, companies pre-pay portal operators a fee which dwindles each time an advert is clicked. When the fee is used up, the ad disappears.

Mao’s Plane Up for Sale

BEIJING ~ Mao Zedong’s personal airplane has been put up for sale by the owner of a shopping centre in southern China to make more space for parking.
Wang Zhilei, general manager of property developer Ridong Group in Zhuhai, a city in southern Guangdong province, confirmed the company had put the 46-metre-long plane up for sale.
Wang told a local newspaper that it was shop owners that had asked for the plane – which was purchased by the company in 1999 and put on display near the shopping centre – to be moved to make way for more parking spaces.

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