Dick Buitelaar is a 70-year-old soccer trainer from The Netherlands

What’s the greatest lesson life has taught you?
To be honest.

What’s most important?
The most important thing is humility, and the capacity to live in peace with other people.

What advice would you give the younger generations?
To be fair, open and to live with positive morals.

Are you worried about dying?
No. Everybody has to die.

When was the happiest time of your life?
When I met my wife, and when we married. The birth of our children also.

And the worst?
When my wife passed away.

What’s humanity all about?
It’s about finding peace and leaving in peace.

Why are there so many conflicts in the world?
Mainly because of religions.

Is a peaceful world possible?
That’s a difficult question, but we have to think positively and maybe there will be a way to find peace.

How old do you feel?

In everyday life, 70, but when I’m doing sports, when I’m playing soccer, I feel 50 or 60.

Is one lifetime enough?
Yes, but you must have time to live. So let’s say an average lifetime is enough.

How has Bali changed?

I was here before 2002, and it’s changed a lot since then. The island, the people, everything has changed. There are not so many tourists anymore, and there are a lot of security issues; everything is less open.

Has tourism been good for Bali?
I think 59 percent of the people in Bali are living from tourism, so it is obviously very good for them.

What’s the major difference between the East and the West?

In Asia, they live by the day; in Europe, they make plans. But Europe is better organized; the economy is better as well. In Bali, they still have their Hindu culture, and they keep on believing. And another difference: in Europe, parents take care of the children, but in Bali children also take care of the parents.

Have you ever doubted your religion?

Of course, especially when my wife was dying, I really doubted it. It remains a big question.

What makes you so sure about that?

There is no beginning and no end in our universe, and so many extraordinary things… there must be something above.

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