Bali Melamine-Tainted Products Destroyed

DENPASAR ~ A total of 48,580 products in Bali found to contain the toxic chemical melamine have been destroyed by the Medicine and Food Monitoring Board, an official said.

Officials said products such as Oreo Wafer Sticks, M&Ms and Snickers were seized from markets and malls all over Bali during the past month.

“Most of the products were found in Denpasar and Badung. Industry and Trade Departments in every regency also seized and destroyed foods containing melamine,” chief of the board’s Denpasar office Sri Utami Ekaningtyas said.

“We hope there will be no products with melamine in them found anymore. We ask for the participation of the people to keep an eye out for any products containing melamine still on the market,” she said.

Melamine, a chemical normally used to make plastics, have been found in a range of products in China, leading to the deaths of four Chinese babies and rendering some 53,000 others ill. The lethal compound artificially makes it appear that a product’s protein level is higher than it actually is.

She also said anyone selling products containing melamine would face legal charges, and her board would continue to control and monitor products circulated in markets and malls in Bali.

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