Price Charles Presents Forest Plan to Yudhoyono

JAKARTA ~ Britain’s Prince Charles met President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono here on Monday and presented his ideas for saving the world’s rainforests, officials said.
Speaking at the presidency after the meeting, the heir to the British throne suggested a scheme to determine how much funding rainforest countries needed to re-orientate their economies towards preservation and reforestation.
The plan demands emergency aid from developed nations to fund and protect jungles in the developing world.
“The rainforest nations would need to consider how much they should be paid so that they can continue to grow and develop their economies without cutting down the forest,” he said.
Yudhoyono, who said 25 percent of global carbon emissions was caused by deforestation, welcomed the prince’s strategy to save the forests. “We share a similar passion,” he said.
Charles, who arrived in Indonesia last Saturday, also encouraged interfaith dialogue in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation.
The visit is the first time in nearly two decades that he has visited the Southeast Asian nation and comes on the back of trips to Japan and Brunei.
On Tuesday he met the hereditary sultan of Yogyakarta to discuss interfaith dialogue.
Charles met Sultan Hamengkubuwono X and other members of the royal family at their palace in the city, state news agency Antara reported.
Hamengkubuwono, who is running for president next year, is regarded as semi-divine by many Muslim Javanese whose Islamic faith is mixed with earlier Hindu and animist beliefs.
Charles departed Indonesia on Wednesday.

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