Bali Public Transport System in Spotlight

DENPASAR ~ The local government says public transport in Bali needs a great deal of improvement in order to better serve the people of the island.

Based on data from the Transportation, Information and Communications Department, there are 1.8 million vehicles in Bali, 74 percent of which are motorcycles, 20 percent cars, 3 percent public transport vehicles and 3 percent goods-transportation vehicles.

Officials from the department said it was “little wonder” the number of traffic accidents on the island was so high.

“There were 1,132 road accidents between January and October 2008,” department chief Ida Bagus Made Parsa said.

Parsa said to cut down on the number of vehicles on the road, an efficient public transport system would have to be established.

However, he said four important elements to run such a system – facilities, tools, users and regulations – are not yet in place in Bali.

He said that currently, public transport vehicles often ignored passengers’ safety, fares were high and there were not enough vehicles for the amount of passengers they would have to carry during rush hours.

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  1. James Says:

    You don’t think that the rate of accidents on the island might have something to do with the appalling driving standards?

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