We interviwed  Hanno Soth at the offices of  The Hanno Group and C151 Resorts in the posh Oberoi neighborhood of Bali, the company has constructed a land mark 4 story office building complete with helipad and helicopter overlooking their latest C151 Resort.


C151 Helicopter and Helipad

The Bali Times :  We could not help but notice the Helicopter sitting on top of your building, looks very cool, but how do the neighbors in this predominantly residential and 5 star hotel neighbor hood as you take off or land.


Hanno Soth : Surprisingly well. Cars stop and people come out looking surprised and excited to see this big black Bell 206 helicopter taking off and  landing. Nobody has ever complained. The the hotels  sometimes request us to provide transfer or tours for their VIP guests, so everyone is happy.


The Bali Times : Where are you from?

Hanno Soth : I was born in Germany grew up in Canada, USA – Hawaii.



The Bali Times : How did you come to live in Bali?

Hanno Soth : I first came to Bali in the early 90’s on a surfing vacation. I had been involved in some nasty litigation over an estate with a Church in Hawaii – which left me disillusioned and questioning continuing my pursuit of law career – so on the advice of a good friend, I packed up my surfboard and decided to go surfing in Bali. Like so many people I got the Bali bug and became a regular visitor to the island – eventually moved here permanently.


The Bali Times : How do you go from being a surfer from Hawaii to running a development, resort company in Bali?

Hanno Soth: Well I guess I started by doing something I liked namely investing in real estate, Bali has some of the most beautiful real estate anywhere in the world and it did not take much for me to fall in love with a piece of land and eventually start building.

The Bali Times : What do you attribute your rapid rise to success.

Hanno Soth:  Timing and bing at the right place at the right time.  I arrived to Asia just prior to the Asian Economic Crisis, at which time Asian countries like Indonesian, Thailand, China  saw a rapid devaluation of its currencies.  Those willing to take a risk invested in real estate at rock bottom prices at a time where many were dumping properties to raise capital to cover loses sustained in the currency devaluations.

The Bali Times : It could not have been easy coming from North America and setting up a business in Indonesia?

Hanno Soth: No it was not easy. When I first moved to Bali it was just before the Asian economic crisis when President Soeharto was ousted from power. Once things settled down we experienced the tragedy of the terror attacks which further devastated Bali economy. This coupled with a tremendous language and cultural learning curve it was not easy, but perseverance led to some fantastic opportunities.


Hanno Soth



The Bali Times : We understand that your company owns and is developing a number of Islands of the coast of Singapore. How did you get involved with Islands?

Hanno Soth : We starting looking at Islands a number years ago. Private Islands have a great appeal and as you know Indonesia is made up of more then 17,000 Islands, one more beautiful then the next. Initially we were very interested in Island off the coast of Lombok, but unfortunately due to bureaucracy we lost interest in Lombok and started concentrating our efforts in the areas closer to Singapore – where we felt tourism could be better developed. At the moment we are planning to develop the world’s first private Anti-Aging Island for our more elite clientle.

The Bali Times : How does a resort company get involved in the Anti-Aging business?

Hanno Soth : Well the two businesses are actually quite a good fit. People with means want more then a spa and massage experience when they visit an upscale resort. Anti-Aging medicine and treatments have moved into mainstream. Baby boomers want to look and feel younger and there are things that the industry offerst to make that happen.  It is just a matter of access and we propose to provide the place to stay and the access.


The Bali Times : What is the idea behind the Anti-Aging Island?

Hanno Soth : Besides the obvious appeal of being on a private Island and receiving cutting edge treatments, the private Island provides our guests with privacy, comfort and convenience.


The Bali Times : Do you take any Anti-Aging treatments yourself?

Hanno Soth : Sure, but mainly I try to eat healthy, exercise and avoid stress.


The Bali Times : Where do you see you company over the next 5 years?

Hanno Soth : Our company has substantial land holdings in Bali. We see our selves continuing to develop resort and residential projects in Bali as well as other prime areas throughout Asia including our various islands.  .


The Bali Times : Have you ever considered taking your company public?

Hanno Soth : No – we are happy to be a privately held company. We are growing at a fast enough pace and are enjoying what we are doing for the moment.


The Bali Times : How many people work for your companies?

Hanno Soth : We have around anywhere from 80- 1000 employees depending on our projects and how many construction workers we have on site.


The Bali Times: As a foreigner is it difficult to deal with so many employees in such a different culture?

Hanno Soth: Definitely, but our company has some very good people  to handle help us with that.

The Bali Times: What is the achievement you are most proud of?

Hanno Soth: My kids

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