Badung Mulls Capital Name-Change

BADUNG ~ Bali’s most economically important regency, and home to much of its vital tourism industry, may rename its capital Mangupura, if the current regent gets his way.

Regent AA Gede Agung has proposed that the capital – currently Bandung – be renamed but it was not known why a name-change is necessary.

Participants at a meeting at Badung’s Assembly on Tuesday discussed the proposed new name but no decision was taken, said officials.

The name takes its form from that of a holy hill temple in Badung, Pura Puncak Mangu, and “pura,” which in Sanskrit means “city.”

Other suggestions had been made for the capital’s new moniker – Mengwi and Bandanapura – but were rejected, said officials.

The head of a special capital city team, Wayan Sandra, said the result of the meeting would be reported to the assembly to be discussed with the regent, and then the governor of Bali and finally the central government.

However, Regent Agung has been accused of engineering the meeting by inviting many officials and local figures that would not normally be invited.

Secretary General of Badung’s Village Chiefs Forum Ketut Heru disagreed with the accusations, saying the regent only invited them to keep the meeting calm and friendly.

“They are also residents of Badung, so it is only fair that they are allowed to be part of the naming of their capital city,” Sandra said in agreement.

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