Bali Plans Own Corruption-Eradication Team

DENPASAR ~ In response to the establishment of a national corruption-eradication team, Bali’s attorneygeneral is planning a similar graft-busing squad for Bali, an official said this week.

Deputy Attorney General Soedibyo said the team would supervise and apprehend suspected corrupt officials on a regional level.

He said the team would not only investigate cases, but would also have the right to choose the prosecutor to handle the case.

“The team will work under the assistant for special crimes for Bali’s attorney general, Tjokorda Susila,” Soedibyo said.

Soedibyo said selection of personnel started last week and so far 42 prosecutors had been recruited and would soon be split into teams of five.

He was not able to say when the team would be up and running, but it was possible they would try for December 9, which is the UN’s International Anti-Corruption Day.

Meanwhile, there was muted reaction from Bali Corruption Watch, which said the establishment of the team was merely an attempt to better the image of the attorney general.

“The fact is the government is still full of mafia, which makes it very difficult to eradicate corruption altogether,” the group’s chief, Putu Wirata Dwikora, said.

However, he did say he appreciated the establishment of the team, as it showed the attorney general was at least making an effort to solve the problem.

“We will watch the team for a month; if their progress is good, we’ll support them. If they aren’t doing what they say they are going to, we’ll dismiss them,” he said.

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