Call for End to Visas Charge

DENPASAR ~ The current global economical crisis has highlighted Bali’s need for as many tourists as possible to visit the island, an official said.

To entice more tourists to Bali, Chamber of Commerce chief Gede Wiratha has suggested the visa on arrival service at Ngurah Rai Airport be discarded to make it easier for tourists to travel to the island.

He said the central government must understand the need for tourism in Bali, and let travelers to Bali in without a visa.

“This is the right moment, because without a visa, tourists have no limit to the time they can stay,” he said.

“Why are we limiting their time in Bali if we need them?” he said.

A tourist visa lasts for 30 days and costs US$25.

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One Response to “Call for End to Visas Charge”

  1. nicholas rety Says:

    Having to stand in a long line after a long flight to buy a “visa on arrival” gives a BAD IMPRESSION of Bali. Stung for money right on arrival ! Surely, such visas could be obtained from Indonesian Consulates around the world. Who gets the money anyway ? Why no numbered receipt ? Who is accountable for the monies collected ?
    As for the departure tax of Rp.150,000 (once 100,000) – just more of the same !

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