Sand-Dredging Project Starts Up Again in Jembrana

PEKUTATAN ~ A sand-dredging project in Pekutatan village, Jembrana, that had previously stopped has started again, an official said.

On Tuesday a local resident said the dredging was part of an organized project and even had a committee.

“The dredging started five days ago, and has been planned out by a project committee,” the man, who wished not to be named, said.

According to him, the original plan was for the sand to be dredged for the development of the area, but now the profits from the sale of the sand were being enjoyed by an individual or group.

People living along the coast have complained about the project, but said they were afraid to push the issue further because of possible clashes with other locals.

Chief of Jembrana’s Public Works and Environmental Department Ketut Swijana said his department had tried to stop the dredging by sending an official warning letter to the chief of Pekutatan.

He said his officials had visited the location, but had found the project had been stopped.

“When we went there, there was no sand dredging taking place, but it started again after our inspection,” he said.

Swijana said he would be sending another official letter to try to stop the dredging.

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