Wayan Widiada, a 40-year-old parking attendant in Denpasar, shared his day with The Bali Times

Customers like me and respect me because I respect them.

Every day I wake up at 10am. The first I thing I do is make a glass of coffee and chat with my wife. At 11am I go to my pig farm near my house on Jl. Pulau Serangan, Denpasar, to clean out my pigs’ cages.

I’ve been a pig breeder for a few years and I have 10 pigs now. They’re really important in order to guarantee that I have enough income to support my family, because I can sell pig for a little extra money if I need to. I have to stay strong when cleaning out the cages, because the smell is awful. I sell four or five pigs about once every eight months, for Rp1 million (US$90) each.

It takes me until about 12 pm to clean out the cages, when I have a bit of lunch and take all the garbage to Jl. Teuku Umar, which takes until about 3:30pm. I go back home, have a bath and then go to my job as a parking attendant at 4pm.

Even though people might think it’s a bad job, it’s the most interesting job I’ve had. I’ve been working at a restaurant called Cak Asmo on Jl. Pulau Tarakan in Denpasar since 1994, when the restaurant first opened. I never thought it would be my main job, because I’d had a lot of different jobs and hadn’t settled into anything. I’d do pretty much any job to make money, and when the village chief asked me to work as the parking man for the restaurant, which is in my village, I tried it and found I loved it.

From 7-9pm are usually the busiest hours for me. A lot of customers come to eat at the restaurant, and I don’t have a minute to relax. I always try to my best to serve the customers to the best of my ability, because I feel even though I’m only a parking attendant, my work can influence whether they come again.

The bad days for me are rainy days, because there are only a few customers, which means less money. On a normal day I can earn more than Rp200,000 a day, but on rainy days I only make about Rp70,000.

At 8 pm I have dinner prepared for me at the restaurant, and let my partner handle the parking lot for while. The restaurant gives me one meal per day, but sometimes they also let me take food home for my wife or kids.

At 9.30 business starts to slow down and I can have few moments to sit down and rest. Sometimes I help people to cross the street, even if they aren’t customers, because I like to be helpful. That’s one part of the job I really enjoy. I think customers like me and respect me because I respect them.

Between 10 and 11pm I often only park three or four vehicles, so I often pick up garbage around the parking lot. From the restaurant I go to pick up the garbage at my boss’ house and dump everything in the garbage tip in Renon. Another advantage of the job is that I can feed any leftover food to my pigs.

I finish picking up and dumping the garbage at 12am, but my day is still not over. I have a wash and at 1am I go to factory near my house where I work as a night steward. When I get home at 6am I’m very tired and but it’s worth it for me to work like this, because I do it all for my family. My two sons are still in school, and I have a plan for them to run a business selling duck’s eggs. I don’t know when I’ll quit working like I do because I enjoy it.

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