Bali Mulls Northern Airport

DENPASAR ~ Bali’s government has met to discuss the possibility of building an international airport in northern Bali, the governor said this week.

Governor of Bali I Made Mangku Pastika said he would like a feasibility study to be carried out to see how a second airport would assist in growing tourist numbers.

Pastika, who is from Buleleng, said that although Bali is a small island, it is divided in two, as north and south Bali are so different.

He said that in order to balance the two areas, an international airport must be built, but the project would depend on support from citizens of Buleleng.

Meanwhile, Vice President Jusuf Kalla said Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport will be expanded under a project to be started in April this year.

“The expansion project will have to be started not later than April 2009 and the next three months should be used to prepare the tender,” he said.

“The project should be completed within two years’ time,” Kalla said at the weekend.

“The budget provided for the construction of international terminal may reach Rp1.2 trillion (US$111.6 million),” he said.

The meeting, which took place at the airport was attended by Transportation Minister Jusman Syafil Djamal and Governor Pastika.

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3 Responses to “Bali Mulls Northern Airport”

  1. shorty Says:

    a second international airport is crazy thinking. the size, population and tourist potential does not warrant the cost.

    what’s next? a third airport at negara so that bali barat gets a better share of the tourist $.

    if we want to spread the tourist $ to buleleng and jembrana the primary thing required is a reason to go there………an airport isn’t a reason.

    some observations….

    * bali is overloaded with ‘me too’ tourist developments all making extravagant claims.
    * using 2008 and 2000 as the bench marks, compare the % increase in hotel beds to the % increase in tourist numbers. (this can be applied to warungs, restaurants, prostitutes, ‘theme’ parks, villas…
    * accept that development has outstripped potential.
    * accept that some areas do not have the potential to attract sustainable tourism.

    so some suggestions…

    * a realistic tourism/zoning plan with more stringent new development requirements.
    * limiting new tourism developments in line with realistic increased projections of arrivals.
    * a moratorium on new development to hopefully allow current projects to become viable.

    and to return to the main subject…

    why not ‘kill 2 birds with 1 stone’?

    forget an airport. look at how the sanur to kusamba road has revitalised east bali. why not commit funds to providing a similar road to gilimanuk (god knows it needs it) and a northern road to either seririt or singaraja?

    what about some incentives ($) for the many failed, unviable projects to return to food production. a few hotels and rice, grapes….looks a bloody sight better than deserted hotels and resaurants

  2. Chris Says:

    Talking about Bali infrastructure: everyone knows the island is crying out for its own electrical power station. How many more decades will pass before authorities grasp the nettle and do what has to be done? The last thing the island needs is another airport!

  3. Mike Says:

    To build an airport in the North (extending this tiny little airfield there) is totally contradictory to all the promises of Eco-Friendly Tourism on Bali by the Authorities.

    Imagine jets on final aproach over Pemuteran and surrounding villages, over the National Park and taking off over Menjangan Island?

    Latest then will have Bali joined the Tourist Destinations that exploit the resources of their country without thinking of it’s future.

    The Governor cannot possibly want that – the North is a special part of Bali – serenity, originality and peaceful – not as touristic wasted as the South – in my opinion should the Governor promote eco-friendly tourism especially in the North – not noise and jet-fuel pollution from a new airport there.

    By preserving the nature up there, tourist will appreciate this and come in larger numbers even to the North.
    I cannot believe that the Hotel Owners in the North can be welcoming such an airport – it will kill their business.
    Anyway – funding of such a airport will be difficult – it will never make profit – it’s simply too far from the touristic infrastructure of the South.

    And space to build such a airport is simply not available.
    Concentrate on a area in the South. In my opinion a good spot is still the Negara Area in combination with a express road to downtown Denpasar. That would help – not a status symbol airport up North.

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