Zimbabwe Cholera Toll at 1,778

GENEVA ~ Zimbabwe’s cholera epidemic has claimed at least 1,778 lives since August last year with the number of diagnosed cases rising to 35,931, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday.

On Tuesday the organization reported 1,732 dead and 34,306 suspected cases of the water-borne disease.

United Nations aid agencies have been warning for weeks that the number of cases could top 60,000, with the impending rainy season likely to facilitate the spread of the disease.

Brain Stimulation ‘Helps Parkinson’s’

WASHINGTON ~ Patients with Parkinson’s disease show significant improvement after six months of deep brain stimulation, but the invasive treatment also carries the risk of serious complications, researchers reported this week.

The study in the January 7 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that patients showed improvement in motor skills and experienced an overall improvement in quality of life after six months of brain stimulation compared with other treatment.

The procedure, frequently used when medical treatment appears to be ineffective, involves surgically implanting electrodes that stimulate specific parts of the brain to reduce involuntary movements and trembling.

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