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‘No God’ Buses Keep Running

LONDON ~ A poster campaign proclaiming “There’s probably no God” does not breach advertising rules, a British watchdog ruled on Wednesday after more than 300 people complained.

The atheist campaign, organized in response to Christian adverts, has seen some 800 buses plastered with the slogan across the country. It was paid for by more than £140,000 (US$200,000) in public donations.

A total of 326 people complained, some claiming that the slogan “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life,” was offensive to believers. Others said it was misleading.

Thai Cold Snap Gets Pandas Hot

BANGKOK ~ Pornography, diets and sperm donation have all failed, but Thai authorities said this week that a rare cold spell has boosted hopes that the country’s famously celibate giant pandas could produce a cub.

The Chiang Mai zoo has struggled to make its star residents – nine-year-old Chuang Chuang and his eight-year-old partner Lin Hui – mate since the pair arrived on loan from China in 2003.

But zoo director Thanapath Pongpamorn said temperatures that have fallen as low as 4 degrees Celsius in recent days have in fact steamed up the pair.

German Sex Industry Calls for Aid

FRANKFURT ~ German sex-shop owners and erotic filmmakers, badly hit by the economic crisis, are pushing for state aid that has also been requested by US peers, a press report said.

“Economic aid would be judicious,” erotic trade federation official Uwe Kaltenberg was said.

The German sector comprises mainly small and medium-sized outfits that could use financial aid for things such as continuing education, he said.

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