The infrastructure in the island really seems to have been put in place in
order to improve people’s lives. One can see the will of public powers to
care about order and respect of the population. Though this must be kept in
mind, the infrastructure needs improvement in the future to cover the
different areas of the island in an efficient and equal way.

Morgan Autret, 35; Belgian, cook
I haven’t seen any.

Matan Yaniv, 24; Israeli, student

I think the infrastructure is very good: there’s a lot of choice of
accommodation, whether you are young, old, rich, poor. I really love the
losmens. The only thing that’s not perfect are the roads in Bali, which are
quite awful. But it’s part of Bali’s charm.

Alex Roiger, 32; French, landscape gardener
Transport is quite efficient, although very poor for local people as
everything is centered around tourism, and the remote areas are really cut
off from the Kuta area. I don’t think the government is that great either;
the police force is very corrupt, and emergency services are pretty bad
too, if any.

Craig White, 21; English, barman

I think they should organize a better transportation system, because there
are no trains, no buses, nothing on the island. And the government should
put air conditioning in the buses, because traveling in such heat is unbearable…

Bruce Propter, 32; American, consultant

Even if we’ve seen progress in this area during the last few years, a lot remains to be done.

Quentin Laurent, 28; Dutch, medical assistant

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