Mario Bari, a 40-year-old Italian water sports teacher in Sanur, shared his day with The Bali Times

I love the lifestyle and the fact that I can spend the day on the beach.
I wake up when my two girls wake up, around 6.30am, and make breakfast for myself but they often have what I’m having as well. I’m at the club by 8.30am, and if it’s a nice day, they come with me and the nanny takes care of them while I am working. This is one of the great things about in living in Bali – having people to help you raise the children.

First thing when I get to the club in the morning, I try to organize everything so I won’t have any problems during the day. After that’s done, my day depends on clients and the weather. Sometimes I do wake boarding, sometimes kite surfing; it’s always different.

I’ve been teaching scuba diving for 25 years, water sports for the last 18 years and I can certify people in both. In Indonesia, a lot of local diving centers don’t ask clients for any qualifications or certificates, but we try to be more professional than that.

I think my professionalism comes from my father. He was a diving instructor and taught me how to dive when I was four and a half years old. When I grew up, I learned to water ski and wind surf, and when I was 21 I left Italy and traveled around the tropics for eight years.

Ten years ago I settled in Bali, but even then I kept traveling abroad; I once sailed from here to Malaysia, for example. I’ve always traveled in the tropics because I love heat, living on boats and of course I love the water. My love for the water is the reason I became an instructor. I also love the lifestyle and the fact that I can spend the day on the beach.

Water is my passion, so 10 years ago I opened my club to store my equipment and to be able to use it for fun. I’m lucky because I own the club with an Indonesian wind surfing champion, and six months ago Rip Curl began sponsoring us, which means they take care of financial and legal matters and advertise for us. At least we are now sure to have customers all the time, even when the weather isn’t great. Sometimes when there is no wind or waves you can only dive or wake board, but we cannot control it.

Even though I love to spend time in the water, I never competed and I never will. I don’t like the feeling or the idea of being part of a team. I like sports like kite surfing, which I introduced to Bali, because it’s something you do alone; you can just go out and have fun. I’ve taught a lot kite surfing instructors, many who are still teaching, which I’m really happy about. I love teaching people and more than 1,500 people were certified in kite surfing the last six years.

We usually close the club at 5pm, and I often have a beer with friends and go home and play with my daughters. I cook dinner for us, sometimes Italian food, sometimes Indian, but it’s always a pleasure. I once made pasta curry and it was amazing! Of course it wouldn’t be possible in Italy because they are too picky and it wouldn’t fit with what they think Italian food is. It’s much easier to cook on a tropical island.

Sometimes in the evening I go partying, but now there aren’t as many parties as before, so unless I go out, I go to bed between 8 and 9pm. After spending the whole day on the beach teaching people and cooking and playing with my girls, I’m often exhausted.

I love my lifestyle and I’m still planning many projects for the future. One that is very important to me is, years ago, I wanted to sink a military boat in the sea to create a reef, so that fish would live there. It turned out to be way too expensive to do so I dropped the idea, but one day I sank a paddle boat in the sea and while I was diving some time later, I found it exactly where I had previously wanted to sink the military boat. For me it was a sign, and now every time I dive, I sink rocks, blocks and statues in this exact spot. I want to build kind of a temple there, so when I have enough things in the water, I will arrange the pieces the way I want, and take people to visit it.

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  1. Hang Thi Tuyet Nguyen Says:

    Dear Mario,
    How are you doing? your two daughters are so beautiful.Look at your daughters makes me miss my daughters so much. they are in Viet Nam with my husband, and I am here in Bangkok and try to finish my school this comming summer.

    Mario, I was your student, and got open water diver certificate from you on 16 aug 2007. I would like to transfer my course that i had learned from you to my university in Bangkok. my school has requested me get a letter from you.They would let me transfer this to my PE course which only 1 credit, but if my course had enough 14 hours. I don’t know how many hours, but I had told them it took me about 4 days.

    Mario, could you offer your time and write a formal letter which describes the course i had take with you please? Your letter is very helpful anf important to me, because I need only this then I can graduate, so can go home and unite with my family in Viet Nam this summmer.

    Warm regard,


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