A Global Work of Art, and You Can Take Part

By Sonja-Jade Lilly
For The Bali Times

YAKIMA, Washington ~ This is an opportunity to publicize your work and share with the world the gift you have – record the moment, your moment, for future generations.

I am the visionary behind A Published Gallery, a fellow artist and co-owner of the US-based publishing company InnerCircle Publishing.

For many in life some of the most confronting questions we come to face and need to ask ourselves are “What is my purpose in Life?”; “What are my Talents?”; “What are my Dreams?”; and “How can my dreams become my Reality?”

It was these questions that led me to the universal second tier of questions: “How, When, Where and Why?” The origin of these questions sparked the Vision behind A Published Gallery, which has now manifested into a reality.

Art of any type is a personal challenge born of the desire to create, although the skill to create, the vision of creativity, even if extraordinary, does not necessarily lead to public recognition, nor is there a vast array of viable means for global exposure, especially for artists that have not yet procured a name or have limited resources, financially or geographically, to advertise worldwide.

The desire to share with one’s fellow human beings is at the root of all art, yet the traditional methods of exposing the vision are mired. The beauty of a book – a book is one of the most marketable and feasible means of exposure and global coverage. It journeys, changes hands, is given, sent, shared, can be inherent on many bookshelves and coffee tables around the world – no perimeter of geography or limitation of timeframe for display; it lives on, the work and images forever cemented on its pages, with a limitless timeline of its existence and circulation.

A Published Gallery is a platform and stage created for art of all media, all cultures and genres openly embraced, for every artist to have the opportunity of global exposure, in a professionally published and -bound quality volume, promoted and marketed globally, with worldwide distribution. On completion of production, the book will be available on Amazon, Barns & Noble, Books-A-Million, direct site sales and retail bookstores worldwide.

This is a platform created to be financially viable for every artist to advertise their work, with a small monetary contribution from the artists themselves, made possible by the collective nature of the publication. The book itself, in its entirety, is a work of art whilst granting all artists a modern and more equal opportunity to share their creations.

If you have ever wondered how to get your work out there, ever wanted to see your work published or wishing for your work to be advertised with exposure to an international audience, this project is a vision inspired for you – whether you are a professional artist or working towards that goal, a traditional artist, contemporary artist, sculptor, photographer or painter.

To join in this published amalgamation with artists from all around the world, visit www.apublishedgallery.com for details on submission requirements and further information. If you have any questions, queries or comments, my contact details can be found on the website. I look forward to hearing from you – the world looks forward to uncovering your talent.

Without imagination your mind is as futile
as a boat without the sea.
Your visions of tomorrow set the sails
on your course.
To sail on the breeze of your most
Noble aspirations is to arrive at your supreme destination.
Only then will you be the one you pray to become.

– Hajjar Gibran

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