Irrigation Group Chief ‘Disappears with Money’

SEMARAPURA ~ The head of irrigation group Subak Nyanglan in Tempek Limas, Klungkung, was reported to have disappeared millions of rupiah donated by the government, an official said.

Head of Tempek Limas Wayan Madeg said group leader Ketut Catur Sucita was scheduled to be replaced in August last year, but had continued to lead the group until he disappeared last week.

According to informants, Catur had fled to Mataram, Lombok, on a motorcycle donated by the government for the use of the group, as well as the money, which had been allocated to pay for seeds previously ordered.

“Group members had no idea the seeds hadn’t been paid for. Some crops have already been harvested,” Madeg said.

According to Madeg, Catur was often busy with an irrigation project in Denpasar, so no one thought anything of not seeing him for a long period of time.

“We hadn’t seen him for a month, but he is often away from home, working in Denpasar,” he said.

Head of Klungkung’s Agriculture Department Made Sugiartha said Catur had been in charge of the group’s bank account, into which Rp9.375 million (US$787) had been transferred.

“We can’t do anything about the loss of the money until we track down Catur,” Sugiartha said.

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