Garbage-Strewn Beaches to Get a Cleanup with New Equipment

KUTA ~ The future of Bali’s beaches is looking with the arrival and testing of new beach-cleaning equipment provided by Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia and Quiksilver Indonesia.

There will be an official handover event this Saturday at 7:30am in front of the SATGAS office at Kuta Beach, with beach cleaning and other activities.

Housed at Kuta Beach and operated under the authority of Bendesa Adat Kuta, a new Massey Ferguson tractor will be prowling Kuta’s beaches from Tuban up to Seminyak, its special beach-cleaning unit picking things like cigarette butts, bottle caps, bits of plastic and other trash from the sand and dumping it all into the trucks that will be taken to the trash dump, the organizers said.

The waste collection process will be done by the GUS environmental organization.

Originally planned to be launched at the beginning of the rainy season, the testing process has exposed two hurdles that need to be overcome to achieve an optimally effective process: the heavy rain and wet-sand impact the effectiveness of the unit and the unit was not designed to have to pick up the large amount of large waste items that are washed up on the beach during rainy season.

The team said it had studied the root cause and would further improve the process through a two-part system. First the creation and use of a primary waste collecting “Beach Rack” for the large items, followed by the use of the existing sand filtering unit for the smaller ones.

When the rainy season ends and the dry season begins, only the sand-filtering unit will needed as there are far fewer of the larger waste items on the beach.

The tractor will then be traveling up and down the beach, filtering the sand of all the debris that makes it dangerous, dirty and unsightly, said the team.

The goal ultimate of the project goal is to return Kuta Beach and all Bali’s beaches back to the postcard-perfect white-sand glory that is displayed on websites and brochures all over the world, with tractors like this working not only at Kuta Beach but also at Sanur, Nusa Dua, and Jimbaran, and wherever else they are needed, they said.

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