Jembrana Is Indonesia’s Healthiest Place: Govt

NEGARA ~ After a survey by the Health Department, Jembrana regency has been awarded the healthiest regency out of 50 other of the country’s cities and regencies, an official said.

Regent of Jembrana I Gede Winasa said he was surprised by the award as the department had carried out the survey without informing officials.

According to the regent, Jembrana was awarded the title because of the availability of medical treatment, clean water and health information, including the benefits of breastfeeding babies.

The Health Department had also praised the regency’s residents for their good habits in hand washing, eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, getting plenty of exercise and not smoking.

“We got the award because we work hard to make healthcare a priority in Jembrana. We work on the basis that people’s health is effected by four factors: genetics, the environment, medical care and people’s behavior,” Winasa said.

He said genetics was the only factor the government could not intervene in, so they started from the basics with things like checking students’ cleanliness before they enter their classrooms.

According to him, simple practices like this stay with children into adulthood.

He said a subsidized healthcare system in the regency made people more willing to visit doctors in order to have their health checked.

Officials said Salatiga City in Java came second to Jembrana, and Gianyar, also in Bali, came third.

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