Tabanan Regent Goes Rat-Hunting

TABANAN ~ The regent of Tabanan met with rice farmers in Baturiti last Friday, advising them to use poison to rid the regency of rats and becoming actively involved in a more hands-on elimination exercise, an official said.

Head of the irrigation group in Palean, Perean Kauh village, Nyoman Sukerta said when Regent N. Adi Wiryatama met with farmers he joined them in hunting rats in the ricefields.

According to Sukerta, the rats were not yet a serious problem, but officials were anticipating a growth in the number of the pests by hunting them as well as performing religious ceremonies.

Sukerta said hunts had resulted in the killing of 224 rats on February 17 and another 260 last Friday.

“We are very thankful to the government for providing us with poison to rid our fields of rats. We also appreciate the regent’s participation in hunting for the pests,” Sukerta said.

Regent Wiryatama said it was important for farmers and the government to work together to rid the fields of rats as they could cause rice yields to be drastically diminished.

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One Response to “Tabanan Regent Goes Rat-Hunting”

  1. edi Says:

    They wouldn’t have to go far! I caught 16 in a week on the second floor apartment I’m living in. They’re climbing the walls.