NAME: Doni
AGE: 28
OCCUPATION: Tattoo artist

How do you think the country is doing now?
Although the country is much freer to talk about politics now, I don’t really pay much attention. Economically I think we’re doing pretty well, though.

Is the central government in Jakarta doing enough for the regions?
Yes, I think they do enough for Bali.

If you were running the country, what three things would you fix or change immediately?
The main thing I would do is get rid of corruption in the government. I’d also make sure money was distributed more equally around the poorer regions and make sure everyone was getting an equal education.

What do you think about Bali’s government?
I think (Governor) Mangku Pastika is really committed to keeping Bali safe, and that’s very important.

Are you worried about outbreaks of rabies and bird flu that have affected some areas of Bali?
No, I’m not worried at all.

Indonesia is made up of more than 17,500 islands, many religions, dozens of ethnic groups and hundred of dialects. Therefore, is it reasonable to expect “Unity in Diversity,” as the founding fathers declared?
I think we can be united even if with the huge amount of different religions, languages, cultures etc our country has.

What are the qualities of an Indonesian?
I’m not sure about Indonesians, but the Balinese are very welcoming.

What for you has been Indonesia’s greatest moment since it declared independence in 1945?

I think all that time has been pretty much the same.

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