Italian-Owned Villa Destroyed by Fire

KUTA ~ A villa owned by an Italian man was badly damaged in a fire early on Tuesday morning, officials said.

According to security guard Nyoman Arjana, the fire started around 4:30am at Villa 75 in Oberoi, Seminyak.

“The villa was being rented by an American/Dutch couple and one person from America, so when I saw the fire I immediately woke them and hurried them out of the villa,” Arjana said.

The security guard said he then called the fire department, which arrived and put the fire out with the help of local residents.

“People were quick to help and the fire department was able to stop the fire from reaching the villa next door,” he said.

Officials said the fire was probably caused by an electrical fault.

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  1. Linda Says:

    I am the wife in the American/Dutch couple that has lost their home to fire. The interview with the security guard is an out right lie. First of all the fire was on Monday, 2 March. The security guard did not wake us up. Our dog was the one who caused us to wake that morning. When we woke at four am to the fire, our front gate was opened and our handphone and watch had been stolen from the kitchen counter. Who ever opened the gate only got as far as the kitchen and then decided it more important to steal a handphone and watch than to save our lives. When we awoke we only had enough time to grab our passports, laptop and two dogs. Everything else was gone in minutes. Neighbors stood at the gate watching our house burn. Not one person came inside to help us. We were franticly trying to leash the dogs and run. Not one person helped. We lost everything. The fire department was only able to keep the neighboring hotel wet so the fire did not spread. We lived in Villa number one, Villa number two is where the electrical fire started and the wind blew it to our alang alang. Villa number two was also a complete loss. Not one local resident came to our aid nor did the security guard. After the fire our neighbors also realized that items had been stolen from their home as well.
    If you would like additional information, please feel free to e-mail me.

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