Lovina Fishermen Protest Concreting of Beach

SINGARAJA ~ Fishermen in Buleleng have written a letter of protest to the regent of Buleleng about the concreting of part of Lovina Beach by the Kalibukbuk Beach Inn, an official said.

The fishermen’s group, Wisata Tirta, together with a people’s representative from Banyualit, Kalibukbuk, sent the letter to the regent, head of the local parliament and other Buleleng government officials.

Head of Wisata Tirta Made Kertia said the letter requested that Buleleng’s government remove the concrete and replace the sand to restore the beach to its former state.

Kertia said the concrete was not good for the fishermen or other beach workers and also made it less direct for tourists to walk to the beach.

“The government has sent investigators to assess the project, but nothing has been done about it yet,” Kertia said.

He said the group was hoping the government would be strict with the Kalibukbuk Beach Inn to set a precedent for other hotels who may want to expand onto the beach.

“What would Lovina have to offer tourists without the beach? The government must put a stop now to hotels taking over the beach,” he said.

Kalibukbuk legislator Putu Redika supported the protest and said government officials must punish hotels who break zoning laws.

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