EU Investigates Lost Airline Luggage Problem

BRUSSELS ~ The European Commission has launched an investigation into the growing problem of lost air passenger luggage, voicing concern at “the scale of the phenomenon.”

The announcement came hours after the British Air Transport Users Council issued a report charging that passengers were too often not fairly compensated for lost luggage.

The problem is a huge and growing headache for air travellers, with an estimated 1.2 million bags “irretrievably lost” in 2007, around one bag for every 2,000 passengers.

The latest figures “confirm the concerns” of EU Transport Commissioner Antonio Tajani, the commission said in a statement on Tuesday.

Tajani “decided today to take immediate measures on passenger rights starting with an investigation on the scale of the phenomenon,” the statement said.

The EU executive’s transport directorate will seek information on the problem from the AUC, the Airports International Council, and the Association of European Airlines and other parties.

“I have decided to act immediately so as to shed some light on these alarming figures which, if they were to be confirmed, would call for a strong political intervention,” said Tajani.

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