Man Sets Fire to Cousin’s Motorbike, His Home

MENDOYO ~ A Mendoyo man suspected to be suffering from mental illness brought on by stress and marital problems, set fire to his cousin’s motorbike, which spread to his house, police said.

According to Mendoyo Police chief Ketut Sukarta, the man, Gusti Ngurah Ketut Yudi Asmara, 35, had been having trouble sleeping and controlling his temper.

Family members claimed that last Saturday night, Asmara violently destroyed his own belongings in a rage and around 2am set fire to his cousin’s motorbike with kerosene.

“Maybe he was having problems with his wife. He had a similar episode in 2005 when he was in a stressful situation,” Gusti Ngurah Made Mudiana, a family member and witness, said.

Mudiana said when Asmara set fire to the motorbike he was armed with a large piece of wood to keep anyone who tried to stop him away.

“He lashed out at anyone who attempted to put out the fire, even after it had spread to his house,” Mudiana said.

Sukarta said Asmara was physically and verbally abusive to officers as he was arrested at the scene of the fire, and would be taken for treatment at Bangli Psychiatric Hospital before being investigated further.

“We are worried about the brutality of this man and feel he needs treatment before an investigation goes ahead,” Sukarta said.

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