Party Security Guards Attacked in Tabanan

TABANAN ~ Four Democratic Party security guards were admitted to hospital after being attacked by a group of 20 men on Sunday, officials said.

According to one victim, I Nyoman Yasa, 40, from Anyar, Kediri, he and a group of guards were resting in Marga, Tabanan, at around 2:30am during a patrol to stop members of opposing parties from knocking down campaign banners and posters when they were attacked.

He said while they were resting, a man they recognized stopped and threatened them with a sword, and around 10 minutes later they were set upon by a gang of around 20 men.

Yasa said he and two others, I Gusti Agung Eka Adhika Pranata, 20, and I Gusti Alit Artana, 33, were hospitalized in Tabanan General Hospital for their injuries, but I Gusti Made Supartawan, 30, who was the most seriously injured, had been sent to Sanglah Hospital, Denpasar, for treatment.

Sanglah’s Dr. Kuning Admadjaya said Supartawan had suffered multiple injuries to his hand and was in need of a great deal of medical attention.

“The tendons, bones and a main artery in the patient’s hand and wrist were cut through in the attack,” Dr. Admadjaya said.

Head of Democratic Party Tabanan I Gusti Made Purnayasa expressed sadness and concern about the attack.

“We don’t need this kind of attack at any time, but especially now, so close to the elections. We should be having a healthy competition, not this kind of gang violence,” he said.

According to an officer from Tabanan Police, three men, Made Kartika alias Ques, Liong, and Eka, were being questioned in connection with the attack.

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