Death Sought for Gay Serial Killer

DEPOK, West Java ~ Prosecutors demanded the death sentence this week for a man who has confessed to killing 11 people and is planning to release a pop album on the back of his infamy.

Prosecutors called for the maximum sentence against Verry Idham Henyansyah over the murder of Hery Santoso, who was stabbed and bludgeoned to death before being dismembered in July 2008.

The killing, allegedly after Santoso asked to have sex with Henyansyah’s boyfriend, is one of 11 murders, including of a toddler, that the 31-year-old, popularly known as Ryan, has confessed to.

“(Henyansyah’s) crime was sadistic and merciless. He was fully aware and not hallucinating when he committed the murder and is not remorseful,” prosecutor Budi Hartawan Panjaitan told the Depok District Court on Monday.

“There was some fear after each killing, but when nobody would find out, he would do it again and again,” Panjaitan said.

“He’s not a psychopath. He knew what he was doing and knew the consequences. He wanted Hery Santoso to die and he planned for it,” he added.

“He cut the body into seven parts, stuffed them into a suitcase and a plastic travel bag and threw them away.”

Prosecutors said they were investigating another 10 murders confessed to by Henyansyah in his autobiography, The Untold Story of Ryan, which he wrote in prison.

Henyansyah confessed to burying the 10 bodies in his parents’ backyard in Jombang, East Java.

The former Koran recital teacher, who also says he worked as a male model, has said plans to release an album of 12 pop songs titled My Last Performance, to be recorded in his prison cell next month.

Wearing black trousers, a long white robe and black Muslim cap, Henyansyah looked calm as the sentence demand was read out.

“Everyone has to die and I’m ready,” he said.

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