Go, for a While

By William J. Furney
The Bali Times

There’s a place I want you to go; it’s different from what we know, but you may like it, and you may not, but I would like you to go. Whatever, I think you should see it.

It’s sometimes hard to bear, and can be fraught with disparities – and despair. But still, I think you should go.

One thing’s for sure: it’s a steep learning curve, and once you’re there awhile, you’ll forget all about us – till you return.

Please don’t get ensconced in the things that are there; they only serve to make you bare.

If you want to recall from where you came, leave yourself, think of us and all your worldly and transient problems will be gone.

While you’re there, you can reach our feeling, though meditation or climaxical pleasures of those who are there (lose yourself with someone, but don’t get lost in living). We think you will like it, for now.

But go: exist in this place of harshness and beauty, for now.

Never fear, we are always at hand, looking over and watching out (but intervene, mostly, we will not), and ever aware that you are there. In time, you will come back. It’s in, beyond your remit, the nature of dimensional things.

Don’t try to shortcut your trip to this place; it’s where we want you to be to reach your grace.

You’ll learn a lot but forsake you we’ll not. After all, this is for you. So kick back and enjoy, for you’re part of us for evermore.

Be kind to the creatures that seem lesser than you; don’t kill, or maim, them – they, like you, have an existence, and you have more than enough to fill yourself. And: respect and take care.

Equally, be good to those around you and do beneficial things; it will, in turn, shine a light. Don’t dupe yourself into thinking you’re above or beyond, because you’re most certainly not. Likewise, don’t assume your form is the be all; it’s not – so be meek.

And don’t fall prey to things outside your remit; in time, you will come to regret.

Be pure and wholesome and good-natured and enjoy, for once it is over you will employ: us.

You will hear great tales of suffering and hope lost and dejection, but never allow your sprit to drown. So as one arm thoughtlessly aids the other, help those around.

There will be many there who will try to sway you with this creed and that, but hold true to who you are and you will see the true reality.

Never fall gloomy with thoughts of beyond, for in your form, you may not know, except for some very few who are enlightened. (Don’t overindulge, on anything; it drags down.)

When it all seems too much, and you cannot go on: do. It’s your mission, your fight, your battle – and conquestual survival.

No matter what people say, or what they suggest: you, being true, know what’s best. So forge ahead on your glorious, winding path, and do not fret when what you have seems less; it’s enough.

When people leave you and you feel deeply blue, offer up thanks to us for you still being you.

Above all, know that while there, all is connected, and all you do or say will have a ripple effect. Be nice, and keep in mind, even if you have long-since forgotten, us. For at days’ end, you are coming home.

So go, now, for a while.


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