Silence – and Energy-Saving – is Beholden

On Thursday, this island shut down for its annual Nyepi observance, and two days later some around the world were set to turn off their lights, for an hour.

There’s far too much noise on this planet, and way too little introspection. Taking time out, however short, to reflect on our lives and the planet we live on, is commendable. As is decreasing the vast amount of fossil-derived energy we consume whose generation and use is ever-imperiling our planet.

WWF-organized Earth Hour, which is supported by the United Nations, said almost 1,200 cities and towns in 80 countries had committed to turning off their lights for sixty minutes on Saturday – in a move projected to save the planet from dozens of tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

As The Sydney Morning Herald, one of the founders of the movement, said in an editorial at the weekend: “The news was bad two years ago when Earth Hour started. It is worse now. Carbon dioxide emissions are increasing faster than the worst-case scenario imagined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2007.”

National Geographic channel is going off-air for an hour, some hotels in Bali are going dark and you, too, fresh off the Hindu Day of Silence, can play your part by tuning in and turning off.

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