Two Canadians Arrested in Lombok over Drugs

LEGIAN ~ Two Canadian women are facing four years’ jail in Lombok after being arrested while allegedly smoking a marijuana joint during their holiday, police said on Thursday.

The women, aged 31 and 30, were arrested in February on Bali’s easterly neighbor and remain there in custody, police said.

“The two women were arrested in February while they were smoking cannabis,” Central Lombok Police chief Suryanto said.

He said the Canadians – kindergarten teachers on holiday – were in possession of 3.6 grams of cannabis when they were arrested in their hotel room.

Police had followed the women for several days before making the arrest.

“They will appear in court soon,” Suryanto said.

Indonesia categorizes marijuana as a dangerous substance on the same level as heroin.

A spokeswoman at the Canadian Embassy in Jakarta said she could not comment on the arrests.

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4 Responses to “Two Canadians Arrested in Lombok over Drugs”

  1. Dradan Zecle Says:

    No relation to heroin cannot even be considered to be in any category other than alcohol. Does Bali lock up drunk foreigners each day? No it encourages the consumption, i do not encourage any substance abuse but marijuana equals the heroin devil? OF COURSE NOT. Fine them heavily and send them home.

  2. Besar Rahasia Says:

    Law is Law, if Indonesia puts marijuana in same catagory as heroin then that’s the way it is. Everybody who visits Indonesia is told very clearly before they arrive the law’s and penalties regarding drug use, possession and dealing.

    Serves them right whatever they get.

  3. Muzza - Aust Says:

    Fine them send them home and block them at immigration so they can not enter Indonesia ever again.
    Being in there 30’s these people are mature and should know better. Stay in Canada and smoke your dope.

  4. Besar Rehasia Says:

    Why should foriegn visitors be immune from the law of any other country.

    They broke the law, the punishment for that offence is up to 4 years in jail, large fine and deportation
    they deserve what the court gives them, no excuses for being foreign.

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