I like Hindu culture and Jepun Cambodia tress. I like the warm people; carved facades; warungs with rickety benches; gnarled, brown fingers; full-moon ceremonies; and incense.

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  1. viena estralia Says:

    I love Bali Because This is my life…

    Sad, pain, Happy all be together.

    Iam run away from Jakarta because lots of traffic, busy, polution and croweded….

    Bali for me so fun, life, relax, and iam enjoyed so much.

    The cultures, scenary, peoples, natures.

    I cant find my life so different and if you all want to know the real life, please welcome to Bali. So much that you can learn about life and respect others peoples from different region and countries. Find the meaning of Bali kisses and you will not forget or leaving Bali 🙂

    My soul and my heart was in Bali forever and ever.

    So guys….”WELCOME to BALI”



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