Wake Up, and Prepare Yourself for All Your Journeys

By William J. Furney
The Bali Times

It’s my experience that few people put much thought into existence – human or otherwise – blithely leaving their destiny and afterlife, if they’re of a mind to believe, largely either to “forces beyond their control” or a person in priestly robes who’s apparently versed in such things.

That, I believe, is wrong. It’s akin to going on a long trip – say, from Los Angles to Auckland – and neither being prepared for your arrival in New Zealand nor caring; you just fall asleep on the plane and never wake up.

How convenient; how irresponsible.

Bali is one of the great places on this planet where you can ponder and expound on all aspects of human life; its ethereal environment helps you thrash out what’s real and purely fleeting. It gives you, if you’re of a mind to probe, a line of universal vibration that offers a feeling glimpse into another realm.

Bali’s also a wondrously mysterious place in which you can connect with yourself and beyond – far into the deep reaches of the human soul and its eternal journey.

Just as the West is now drowning in its own avaricious fiscal greed that’s not only soul-destroying but inherently wicked, the East is quietly forging ahead as though it were in a different world. And it might as well be, for as the people of the West seek solace in plastics and metals and jewels and slices of paper that purportedly carry a value, however declining, in places such as Bali it’s a never-ending spiritual connection.

In an out-of-control Western society imploding, just as the financial chieftains wreak havoc on the world through their risky, reckless and feckless ways, other titans of industry peddle us junk we feed our bodies while upholding untenable ideals of the human body with the result that a subconsciously confused body goes berserk and we are the ones that loose control, our alarmingly expanding sizes landing us in hospital and early graves.

In a world going cyclically mad, you need to find your center, focus and self. And that’s exactly why Bali’s Nyepi, the Hindu Day of Silence, is such a great escape. That in an automated, ever-connected, interconnected world, one tiny part of the globe can switch off for 24 hours is a fine testament to its people.

And what a freezing shock first-time Western visitors get when they, consumerism-cocooned their entire lives, see groups of Balinese sitting in the street, praying and making offerings to the gods. Whatever your religious beliefs, or lack thereof, it’s sternly arresting, and gives you pause to consider your place in it all.

A Balinese man who works for me once said of his fellow islanders, “We’ll never be rich, because we’re always praying.” To which I said, “You may not be rich financially, but spiritually you are.” Which in my book, in the long run, is what matters. (But let’s have a happy meeting of the two so we can keep a roof over our heads!)

In our exploration of ourselves, in becoming evermore aware, I believe a lot of what is blinded from us by what’s physically around us is revealed, and gives you a knowing. And as you start to resonate with the pulses and waves of being, you become finely aligned with existence, to the point where, for instance, you can tell the time without a mechanical instrument, just naturally feeling that force of dimension. Or know who a cellphone text message is from by getting an intuitive signal from the sound of the device – or who’s at the door or gate, before they come in.

Earlier this week my children and I watched a movie at a 4-D cinema in Gianyar – thrilling, magical – and although it wasn’t real, it was, existing in this place and time as elements combined to form a cubed element unseen, of warped space and time wrapped all around.

That’s why it’s vital to explore, to understand and to prepare for all our journeys. For I say be ready for every eventuality in this life, and don’t let events rock you or shove you around; equally, don’t fret.


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