NAME: Agus
AGE: 24
FROM: Solo, Central Java
OCCUPATION: Art gallery staffer

How do you think the country is doing now?

I think we’re doing well. There are still problems, but the economic and political situation seems much better than in the past.

Is the central government in Jakarta doing enough for the regions?
I feel like they try but they still need to do more. They need to pay more attention to the needs of people in rural areas.

If you were running the country, what three things would you fix or change immediately?
That’s too hard a question for me to answer in a short time.

What do you think about Bali’s government?
They are doing good things for Bali. Safety and security is improving a lot under Governor Pastika.

Are you worried about outbreaks of rabies and bird flu that have affected some areas of Bali?
Definitely! Tourists are scared by issues like rabies and bird flu, which could effect them even if they come here for a short holiday.

Indonesia is made up of more than 17,500 islands, many religions, dozens of ethnic groups and hundred of dialects. Therefore, is it reasonable to expect “Unity in Diversity,” as the founding fathers declared?
Yes, I’m positive it is possible for us to be unified.

What are the qualities of an Indonesian?
They are gracious to foreigners and generally have a positive outlook on life.

What for you has been Indonesia’s greatest moment since it declared independence in 1945?
Since President Yudhoyono was elected, things have been getting better, but I don’t know if we have had our “greatest moment” yet.

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  1. Berry de Vaan Says:

    About Art and Artists . . . Maybe one day I meet you at your Gallery where you are working ? ! SEE YOU IN BALI . . . . . Everybody has to live-up to his dream no ? !
    Namaste, B e r r y .

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