At No One’s Service

The senseless death at a nightclub of a young man on vacation here with his girlfriend at the weekend casts a pall over this island’s vital tourism sector and those who work in it.

Yes, the 22-year-old was drunk, and yes, he was at nightclub of questionable standing. But if police accounts are to be believed, it was three employees who failed to react in a measured way and, after allegedly assaulting Sean Headifen on Sunday night at the Bounty Discotheque in Legian, now face lengthy prison terms if convicted.

What was supposed to have been an exotic and memorable holiday for young people enjoying life together has ended in a girlfriend accompanying her boyfriend’s dead body back to New Zealand.

Headifen’s death came about at the hands of a group of employees who were unable to deal with a patron’s inebriation and apparently all too willing to engage in assault that in all likelihood had its roots either in perceived loathing of foreigners’ hedonistic lifestyles or envy at their apparent aloofness and greater accumulation of money.

It did not help that the premises is one of Bali’s most notorious pleasure-seeking spots in which to indulge in a riotous night. Late last year, The Bali Times published a report on Bali’s sex industry and found Bounty Discotheque brimming with more prostitutes than club customers. No one will therefore be surprised at the sale of substances in and around the nightspot.

Apart from the authorities’ required inspection of Bali’s venues and what goes on in them, the managements of such places have a duty to train their staff in how to interact with the type of customer they will be serving – mostly young people intent on a raucous and boozy time.

Quite apart from that, people visiting this island owe it to themselves to be more discerning about the establishments they choose to patronize.

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