Bali to Get New Public Transportation System

DENPASAR ~ Continuing traffic problems in the Denpasar area has drawn the attention of a newly formed board of public transportation (Organda), an official said.

Organda chief Ketut Edi Dharma Putr said a meeting between the group and Denpasar’s mayor was held on Tuesday to discuss the launch of a new a new public transport system, called Sarbagita, in 2010.

Putra said Sarbagita would run on 17 routes throughout the city, hopefully cutting down on the use of private vehicles.

He said currently people were not enthusiastic about using public transport because of a lack of facilities, punctuality and routes, which were not fixed.

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2 Responses to “Bali to Get New Public Transportation System”

  1. Sandra Says:

    I think having public transport around Denpasar and surrounding districts would be excellent, even the tourist would use it.

  2. Suman Says:

    It would be wonderful to have a Public transportation system in Bali both environmentally and personal benefit for Balinese. People would love to use them if they are punctual, frequent and a bit faster than Bimos. Adding to that, if there are any public tourist vehicles on selected days to the most common tourist places it would be great.

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