Barman, Bouncers Arrested after NZ Man Dies in Brawl

LEGIAN ~ Police arrested a barman and two bouncers at the Bounty Discotheque on Jl. Legian after a vacationing New Zealander died following a fight on Sunday night.

Sean Headifen, 22, a former soldier working in the property sector, got into a scuffle with the trio during a night out with his girlfriend, Sarah Whitburn, 19, police said.

“The victim was drunk. He threw a glass at a barman who told him to exchange his beverage voucher at the cashier. The barman threw a glass back at him and it hit his left temple,” police spokesman Ketut Suwetra said.

“Two security officers who tried to break them up ended up kicking and hitting the victim, too,” he said.

Suwetra said the couple went back to their hotel but William failed to wake up in the morning.

“From the autopsy report, he died from a burst blood vessel in his head,” the spokesman said.

The barman and bouncers face between seven and 12 years in jail for assault.

Meanwhile, media reports from New Zealand quoted Whitburn as saying the free Bali ambulance service demanded around Rp4 million from her when she called for assistance.

Whitburn flew back to New Zealand on Thursday, with the body of her boyfriend scheduled to be flown home at a later date.

[Editorial, P8: At No One’s Service]

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  1. Harry Says:

    At least this unfortunate incident shows how expats are made to shell out huge sums of money for even minor medical complications. Same applies for the so called “International Hospitals” in Bali. Really very sad.

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