Four Terrorists Jailed

JAKARTA ~ Four Al-Qaeda-inspired Islamic extremists were found guilty of terrorism by a Jakarta court this week and jailed for up to 12 years.

Abdul Rahman Taib and Ki Agus Mohammad Tony received 12 years each for preparing bombs to attack a cafe frequented by Western backpackers in Sumatra and for killing Christian teacher Dago Simamora in 2007.

They were also convicted of conspiring to attack other Christians and foreigners in the name of jihad or “holy war” against the West.

“Ki Agus Mohammad Tony was the one who shot dead Dago Simamora when he was on a motorcycle with his little children,” chief judge Syamsuddin told South Jakarta district court.

“Both defendants were involved in acquiring and assembling five tupperware bombs and 15 PVC bombs to launch an attack on a cafe in Bukittinggi,” he said, referring to the foiled attack in West Sumatra.

The plot to bomb the cafe on Sumatra island in 2006 was aborted due to fears it would cause Muslim casualties, according to the militants.

In a separate trial, Islamic extremists Anis Sugandi and Sukarso were convicted and jailed for five and four years respectively for hiding information about a fugitive terror suspect.

The four men were arrested last year in Palembang, South Sumatra, with six other militants including Singaporean national Mohammad Hasan bin Saynudin, who is on trial separately.

The Singaporean has publicly confessed to forming and leading a terrorist cell with the intention of killing non-Muslims. He claims he was inspired to jihad after meeting Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan in 2000.

The court is expected to announce a verdict in his case next week.

Three other members of the cell, linked to the regional Jemaah Islamiyah terror movement, were sentenced to 12 years in prison by the same court last week.

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