Kerosene Shortage Causes Price Increase

AMLAPURA ~ Residents in some districts of Karangasem found they had to pay highly inflated prices for kerosene last week due to a shortage of the fuel, an official said.

According to consumers in remote areas such as Kubu District, the price had reached twice its normal price.

“It is very difficult to find kerosene and if you do find any the price has doubled,” resident of Kubu Gede Bacol said on Saturday.

Bacol said the normal price for kerosene, which was between Rp2,500 and Rp3,000 per liter, had risen to Rp6,000 per liter in some areas.

Consumers from other parts of the regency, including Lingkungan Galiran, Paya in Karangasem City and Selat District, also reported price hikes.

The owner of a kerosene depot on Jl. Diponegoro, Amlapura, Nyoman Sudana, said the shortage began before Galungan around a month ago, and was caused by a decreasing supply from distributors

He said since the shortage began, no less than 300 people lined up each day to buy kerosene.

Meanwhile, residents of Badung and Denpasar said on Tuesday that kerosene prices had reached Rp8,000 per liter.

In response, an agent of state oil company Pertamina in Denpasar said the quota of kerosene supplied to Bali had been decreased gradually due to government distribution of free liquid paraffin gas stoves, and kerosene would therefore be returning to its unsubsidized price.

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