Marijuana-Smoking Swedes Arrested in Hotel Room

KUTA ~ Two Swedish men holidaying in Bali have been arrested by police for smoking marijuana in their hotel room in Kuta, police said this week.

The pair were arrested on April 24 after guests in nearby rooms complained of the smell of marijuana coming from the men’s room and police were called.

Kuta Police said they seized 16 marijuana joints in the room and that the men, aged 25 and 26, had admitted to having smoked four others.

The Swedish foreign ministry said it was aware of the arrests and had been in touch with the two men via consular agents here.

“A date for the trial has not yet been set, but we have regular contact with the men via our consulate in Indonesia,” spokeswoman Elinor Lundmark told Swedish media.

The two face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

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3 Responses to “Marijuana-Smoking Swedes Arrested in Hotel Room”

  1. Jon Says:

    More stupid men from abroad!

    Of course it doesn’t help that Kuta is crawling with dope peddlers in league with da local police, but hey, it’s their land, right?!! lol

  2. Dradan Zecle Says:

    Drug use pales beside the more destructive and pervasive alcohol problem, but it’s legal???!!!

  3. James Says:

    I agree Dradan, but the fact is you are nuts to flaunt the law in Indonesia, as irrational as it may be. Why ruin your life for a joint.

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