Bali Allotted $25m from Australia

GIANYAR ~ Secretary of the Australian parliament’s international development program Bob McMullan launched a road-improvement project on Tohpati Bypass in Ketewel, Gianyar, on May 7, an official said.

Officials at the launch said it marked the beginning of Eastern Indonesia National Road Improvement Project, which is being sponsored by the Australian government.

According to McMullen, the project, which would be paid for by a 40-year soft loan of US$394 million from the government, would include 24 improvement projects along 500 kilometres of road and bridges in nine provinces of Eastern Indonesian.

He said the projects would provide employment to over 10,000 people in the region and would make life easier for millions.

“We hope to make road networks better, cut travel times and expenses and allow people increased access to markets,” he said.

He said the Bali part of the project, which was predicted to cost around Rp291 billion ($25 million) would widen the road from Tohpati to Kusamba, and hopefully reduce road accident figures.

“Police data for road accidents in 2008 showed more than one life lost for every kilometre of the Tophati to Kusumba road. I am happy Australia can contribution to trying to reduce the number of casualties,” McMullen said.

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  1. James Says:

    shouldn’t this be conditional on improved driving habits and enforcement otherwise it means nothing. People will still die in the numbers they do now

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