Govt to Crack Down on Trainee Teachers

DENPASAR ~ The government collusion, corruption and nepotism watchdog KKN inspected the government teaching certification programme last week after suspicions trainee teachers were doing nowhere near the minimum amount of teaching hours, an official said.

Last Friday education officials Ir. Rumawan Salain and Dr. I Made Gede Putra Wijaya said teachers often had their number of classroom hours “marked up” in order to complete the training program.

They said school principals were requested to lie about the number of hours trainees were in the classroom if they had not reached the minimum of 24 hours per week.

“Principals often feel obliged to increase the number of teaching hours on paper so their colleagues can become certified,” Salain said.

He said although some teachers may be lazy, others who were hardworking and disciplined may not have been given enough teaching hours by their superiors.

He said in some cases there are too many trainees in a certain field and teachers must share their class time with others.

Salain urged the education department to collect data on the ideal number of teachers training for each field of study so they would be able to teach at least the minimum number of classroom hours necessary for qualification.

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