Latest Fashion Shows Uphold Tradition of ‘Clothes No One Would Ever Wear’

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Fashion Don’t Want: Models in Paris sport the latest “unwearable” womenswear, yesterday.

PARIS/LEGIAN ~ The newest consignment of fashion wear to grace the Paris catwalks left industry analysts finally reeling and wondering “who wears this stuff?” fashion experts told The Bali Times on Thursday.

With the world gripped by the penny-pinching financial crisis, fashion insiders said they had after many years of acceptance of the garments offered come to the realisation that “people don’t wear trash-can rags like this, so what’s going on?”

The newly found fashion insight comes after decades of waif-like models strutting down catwalks of the world’s fashion capitals decked out in ill-fitting garments of questionable design, they said.

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  1. wijaya Says:

    Fashion is getting weirds these days, or perhaps this is for commedy role?

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