Let’s Not Rain on Schlapper’s Charade

By William J. Furney
The Bali Times

The only discernable policemen at Sanglah Hospi-tal in Denpasar mid-morning last Friday was a youngish pair stationed at an ATM beside the emergency room unit (emergency funds?) that was being replenished. As the routine goes, one was brandishing an automatic rifle.

On a saunter around the facility – Bali’s main, government-funded hospital that caters to those in surroundings islands too and so is always influxed (and in flux) – it was unusually uncrowded and there was an abnormal perception of order about. But it was a Friday, a flimsy workday for government bodies in Indonesia.

Deciding not to drop in on some doctors I know, I headed over to the international wing, now accompanied by an Australian journalist who was also on the scene. She had been caught by security, the previous day, wandering around the wing’s gardens seeking signs of persons on balconies seeking rare peeks at the world.

More of a separate hospital, one that caters to the somewhat well-to-do, the wing – here:


– resembles more of an office block or three-star hotel (although to be fair there are no swimming pools) than a medical centre. Indeed, the foyer comprises a café, a bank and a management office, as well as a dispensary and sweeping reception desk. All it is missing is a minimart (Circle K franchise, anyone? God knows, Bali needs more of them).

My friend and I approached reception and told a flustered woman a family member was thinking about checking in for a procedure and that we had been sent ahead on a type of reconnaissance mission to check out the digs. What we wanted, we said, was a gawk around the rooms. (This was to give us an idea, and photos, of the accommodation of any celebrity patients.)

But our hopes and plans were swiftly dashed. Fully booked, we were told, no room at this inn! There are 28, of two types. However, we were led to the foyer management office and shown photographs in clunky picture albums and we oogled eagerly. Top-of-the-range comes in at Rp2.2 million a day, we were told, and that includes a daily consultation by a specialist and nursing services. Drugs and procedures are extra, and you have to pay every three days.

“It’s about the same price as staying at a good hotel in Bali,” my friend said. Hotel Sanglah? I ventured, casting my mind to a similarly themed facility in Kerobokan.

After all, for some, a change is as good as a rest.


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11 Responses to “Let’s Not Rain on Schlapper’s Charade”

  1. James Harper Says:

    You are an absolute disgrace. This owman is seriously ill. Have you any idea what mental illness is, or clinical depression?

    She should have been in hospital months ago. When she is finally there, she is dragged back prematurely, at night, without warning, to a squalid cell which caused her illness in the first place. She is slowly being killed.

    But you write a cheap shot piece like this. Absolutely disgusting. What sort of person are you? Sickening.

  2. Lucy Says:

    He is a coward James. To write something liek that against a woman in such trouble takes a special level of gutter journalism, reserved for those without a soul.

    Even in her current state there is pond like trying to kick her for selfish ends. What a coward.

  3. Neville Wright Says:

    Poor Bill
    Cannot get a job in Oz so takes himself to Bali to make out he is an ethical journailst working for the BT. The Editor must be out to let such trash as this get printed. Bill, take up spear fishing and get out of the media for your sanity. Telling lies all the time will make you go blind… to the truth!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Just when I thought ‘The Bali Times’ was already in the gutter, Furney finds a whole new level.

    You guys above should be contacting their advertisers directly, to show them the horrible stuff they publish. Some of them will be as disgusted as most people.

  5. James Harper Says:

    Good idea that mate on the advertising.

    I think most decent people will find this and their other recent attacks on her to be sick. Credible advertisers surely won’t want to be associated with vile stuff like this.


  6. Jason Says:

    This is pretty much what my song and you tube vid R.I.P Justice is all about.

    Link provided here:

  7. Zoe Says:

    OMG! He’s sick and twisted for sure. Does your mum know what she has dragged up William J. Furney? When did you stop being a human being?

  8. James Says:

    Ha, the Corby twits are up in force I see! Well written William. I don’t think you’ll find amny now either here in Bali or in Australia who’d find much to disagree with in your post.

    I don’t agree with 20 years but you have to be a blithering idiot not to think she’s guilty. I see a few of those here.

  9. Dave Says:

    Um, wasnt Schapelle locked up for breaking the law?4.1 kg of ganja? She already has been out a few times for salon, and so on.If you were in jail in Oz, you stay there, no hairdos or beauty treatments.i do note inher book(profit $280,000 and rising),that she has an Ipod and can have a beer or two,lifes not so bad in Kerobokan, hey.
    I think most of the ranting is done by people who are absolutely horrified that a bule would be treated the same as locals(were special you know…..Good on you James.congrats Bill

  10. Lulu Says:

    Only blithering idiots are those like you! Go to the prison and see for yourself because your belief of it is a fairytale. You obviously blab your mouth off without even knowing what is true and what is not! Try reading more than children’s books! You are just another pawn used by the media. Guess in your world, ignorance is bliss!

  11. Lulu Says:

    As for you William J. Furney, your story is pathetically lacking in journalism!

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