Re: Kantor Kita Boss Reported over $1m Land Fraud

Julie Edmonds assured me that she would form a legal and binding Indonesian land company so I could legally purchase land in Indonesia. I paid over US$6,600 to do so. The land company I formed was named ThorpBoa.

I left over US$20,500 in an escrow account to purchase land on the island of Rote. Diego Arrate was involved in this land transaction and to this date, over $12,000 has been paid to Julie Edmond to form the land company and Diego Arrate to secure the land from the families and to provide me with the titles proving that those families legally owned the land.

Since the families did not have the money to pay for surveyors and then have the government place the stakes on the boundaries to mark the exact land line, I paid for all of this and in good faith left the $20,500 in the escrow account that would be available to the land owners as well as to their agent, Diego Arrate.

To this date, two years later, two stakes are in and I have spent $6,600 with Julie. I have another $5,500 with Diego and now I have nothing to show for it. Except the possibility of an incarceration of a scam artist who led us to believe she was working in the highest integrity. I hope she is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and that she is liable to pay restitution.

John Thorp

Yeah, one more “Bule” victim of the Great Bali Land Scam. Mr John Thorp, please buy the first available ticket out of this place and thank your stars that you get out of this place. Forget the land deals; they are all distant dreams. You cannot own or buy anything in Bali or Indonesia unless you plan to get married to a local, and she has the last laugh.


How many times this happens every year. How many times so many get burnt. How many times someone new falls into the trap. When will people learn?


Re: Bali’s Big Blackout: We Don’t Know Why, Says PLN

Om Swastyastu!

There are different problems highlighted by this blackout.

On the one hand, local production is too small. Bali, as a self-appointed leader in sustainable development, should rely on a strategy of diverse sourcing.

Water power is a source, but only for small stations (I assume a maximum of 20 kW per set), because of the subak system(water reticulation for rice farming) and the endangered ecological value of the rivers.

Wind power besides small sets (up to 10kW or the like) has a problem with the Balinese 15m height law. I would like this law enforced for hotels and shopping centres and other buildings, too. It is a trademark of Bali not to be a concrete desert! Maybe some turbines with a production of about 50 MW are possible on the invisible side of Nusa Penida.

Geothermal energy can only be used in a very small scale because of uncontrollable risks of earthquake and volcanic eruptions.

Tidal and marine current energy is a clean and promising source. A possible site is the strait between Ceninggan and Nusa Penida.

On the other hand: Why do so many AC produce so much waste warmth (emissions?). What is wrong with 25C? The usual 18-20C air-conditioners are set for is unhealthy. If the humidity is too high use the AC as a dryer, which will save a lot of kilowatt-hours. Or just use a dehumidifier. Architecture offers a lot of solutions in case of new buildings.

In Bali a minimum of 100,000 TV sets are running without being watched. Just find the off switch and save a lasting 30MW of capacity! TV is not as essential as sunshine, regardless of some advertisements.

When I got to Bali first, in October 2001, there was a surprising darkness around the island. Now Bali has a light pollution problem, especially around Kuta and Denpasar. I think lighted advertising posters are not Balinese. They should be banned regardless of the profits some people make this way.

Insulation is not only something for cooler climates. If you are using air-conditioning, think about keeping the cooling inside. A minimum like a tight ceiling plate and closed doors and windows will do wonders.

A third problem: Electricity is too cheap, especially on the social tariffs and for big consumers. Subsidies for the poor should be made in other ways, for example a negative tax. Every consumer then would be free to spend the money on unchanged consumption or invest in energy saving.

Companies should start getting used to a tariff of say Rp. 2,000 per kWh. Rp./kWh.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Om!

Harald Schweda

On Let’s Not Rain on Schlapper’s Parade (commentary by William J. Furney):

The Editor must be out to let such trash as this get printed. Bill, take up spear fishing and get out of the media for your sanity. Telling lies all the time will make you go blind … to the truth!

Neville Wright (email:

I just read your appalling “piece” on Schapelle Corby. Like others, you frankly make me sick. This woman is dying. She won’t last anything like 20 years. She was subjected to a show trial, with a political sentence she cannot possibly face. What do you do? You act like an animal, inventing pathetic stories to attack her with when she is just about clinging on?

Do you always pick the most needy as your targets? You are a coward. An absolutely coward.

I have copied this to JournOz who will hopefully take an interest in you and your “career” in gutter journalism.

Lucy Thompson

You are an absolute disgrace. This woman is seriously ill. Have you any idea what mental illness is, or clinical depression?

She should have been in hospital months ago. When she is finally there, she is dragged back prematurely, at night, without warning, to a squalid cell which caused her illness in the first place. She is slowly being killed.

But you write a cheap shot piece like this. Absolutely disgusting. What sort of person are you? Sickening.

James Harper

Ha, the Corby twits are out in force, I see! Well written, William. I don’t think you’ll find many now either here in Bali or in Australia who’d find much to disagree with in your article.

I don’t agree with 20 years but you have to be a blithering idiot not to think she’s guilty. I see a few of those here.


To our feedback line, on Schapelle Corby references in The Bali Times Diary:

The Bali prosecutors used the drugs as evidence against Schapelle to have her convicted to 20 years jail.

Schapelle said that testing the drugs, as per her request on December 3, 2004, would prove her innocence. They denied her request and in doing so denied her legal rights under Indonesian law.

It’s the wrongful conviction that has caused all this to Schapelle and only her rightful freedom will be the cure. Justice denied!

Yeh, I agree with the other comments. Why are you attacking her? I know someone who has been (is) mentally depressed. Prison would kill him.

People like that who are disgusted with both Indonesia and Australia. That isn’t Schapelle Corby’s fault; it is what happens when you take someone’s life away from them without proper justification.

Laura Hampson

Thinking people have had a gutful of people like you misreporting her and beating up on her. Especially now. Quit it.


Hector says:

Indonesia has harsh anti-drug laws. Its prisons are not nice places. It is arguable that Schapelle Corby got a very harsh sentence. But these are the facts with which everyone must deal rationally, especially Corby. It is essential to separate human compassion for Corby’s awful predicament from tedious claims of innocence (an overwhelming majority of the world’s convicted criminals claim they didn’t do it) and the one-eyed propaganda of her worldwide fan club.

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