No Respect

We are troubled by plans currently being carried out to build a nightspot on the site of the former Sari Club on Jl. Legian, which with the adjacent Paddy’s Pub was blown up in the 2002 terrorist attacks and claimed the lives of 202 people, mostly young people on holiday in Bali.

The Bali Times reported this budding new enterprise in our edition last week, and it has drawn interest from media organisations nationwide and overseas.

The proposed new club is, we are told, the latest venture of a Balinese businessman with a stable of nightclubs on Jl. Legian and nearby. It does not sit well with what happened at that location on the night that terrorists struck with such deadly precision.

It also does not square with the memories of those who lost their lives there, the sanctity of those souls or the wider Balinese Hindu belief that it is an area that should not be built upon for commercial benefit.

We are told that Governor I Made Mangku Pastika and the Badung government support a plan by the Australia-based Bali Peace Park, which represents the families of those who died, to build a reflective park on the site, and we wholeheartedly back that plan.

Already Jl. Legian is overrun with nightspots of questionable morality, but it is a place that draws people seeking an alcohol-fuelled good time. There is nothing wrong with that, and for certain people that is why Bali is a draw.

But we would urge some respect for the place where so many died almost seven years ago and Governor Pastika and the Badung government must immediately shut down the construction work at the Sari Club site and ensure the area is turned into the park of peace it should be.

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  1. adrian Muhammad Lawson Says:

    Please Governor Pastika, lockdown the sari club site- I spent a week in Kuta walking pass the site – Im disgusted that people are parking motor bikes daily on a sacred site and not showing respect for the victims and relatives. I beg yuou to approve peace park, I know the land is prime position , maybe the owners could donate the land as they made lots of money when the club was operating. appreciate your understanding that many Australians are not happy with the current situation.

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