Search on for Millions as Kantor Kita Boss Remains in Custody

LEGIAN ~ The arrested head of local office-services firm Kantor Kita remained in police custody this week as the authorities attempted to track down “millions of dollars” of alleged stolen money squirreled away in bank accounts, The Bali Times has learned.

A police source told this newspaper that there were “many complaints” against Esti Yuliani, also known as Julie Edmond.

Several prominent Bali property firms’ clients have lost millions of dollars after Edmonds embezzled their transaction funds, people involved in the sector said.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that Edmonds had been on a property buying spree abroad, purchasing a house in California for US$1.5 million as well as properties in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Bali Times understands that one of the two major complaints lodged that led to Edmonds’s arrest has been settled through repayment of cash and the other is in negotiation for settlement in a cash-and-property deal.

The two complaints – the allegations police are investigating – are reported to cover misappropriations totalling US$3.8 million.

But sources say the total money missing from clients’ funds could be as much as $10.5 million, or more. The bulk of the balance of around US$6 million reportedly is owed to small investors who have not lodged complaints with police and whose cases are therefore not being investigated.

The Kantor Kita office on By-Pass Ngurah Rai at Sanur closed its doors more than three weeks ago.

This week phone calls to the office went unanswered.

[Hector has more in this week’s Scratchings – The Bali Times Diary; Page 5]

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  2. Colin M Clarke Says:

    Can anyone tell me how to join the case against Esti Juliani? She ‘laundered’ quite a lot of my money to her advantage during our relationship.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Colin, you can send your details to

  4. Elaine Davies Says:

    I have it on good authority that Julie Edmonds first husband owned kantor kita but after they split Julie won the court case and took over the business – by apying a judge 40 juta to win the case. her ex husband will be able to confirm these problems. Many smaller companies and individals have been sucked in by Julie over the years. i am glad she is finally geting her come-uppance.

  5. Elaine Davies-Mann Says:

    Julie acquired Kantor Kita by the same means she acquired most things. By cheating her first husband out of his business – by paying of a local judge 40 juta to ‘win’ the case. He would confirm this.

  6. Don Wright Says:

    Has there been any update as to the recovery of the money that Julie/Esti had taken from her victims? Will she be permitted to spend a few months in jail and then after she’s released, be free to spend the money she embezzled?

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