Re: Kantor Kita Boss Reported over $1m Land Fraud

I refer to my letter published in The Bali Times Correspondence column on June 12, 2009.

My words were never intended for the general public. They were intended for the attorneys who would soon be handling my case about Julie Edmond and for the gentleman who wrote me the email, Mr Carey Smoot, who has kept me advised of this unfortunate situation that has cost me more than US$37,000, not including my travel expenses.

At this point Carey Smoot is assembling a legal team to prosecute Ms Edmond and/or have our funds returned immediately to me. If my funds are not returned, you can count on me to be in Bali to testify to the fraud Julie Edmond has committed against several trusting foreign investors who only want to see the best for Indonesia and its development.

Diego Arrate, who I have known for years, has always been completely honest and has always done exactly what he said he would do. He had shared with me several properties that would be available for purchase. The only reason his name was mentioned was because he had been fooled like the rest of us into believing that we could trust Julie Edmond.

In no way has Diego Arrate defrauded me. He has been a man of his word and someone whom I trust implicitly. If not for Diego, Julie Edmond would have got away with another $5,500, which Diego has safely kept for me.

He has been honest and diligent in everything he has done and I would trust him, as well as Carey Smoot, with all of my dealings in Indonesia. I have retained Carey Smoot as my architect. They both are my true friends.

They knew nothing of the deceit Julie Edmond was planning to defraud us all. For them to be added to this mess created by some very greedy and unlawful people is a travesty.

My letter never meant to implicate them in this thief’s scam. The thief here is undoubtedly Julie Edmond. Until she returns my funds in full, the facts remain as they are.


John Thorp

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