Baby’s Body Exhumed for Autopsy

MENDOYO ~ Police have exhumed the body of a newborn baby that was buried in a bamboo garden about 200 metres behind the Mendoyo Police station in Jembrana, West Bali.

The body of the baby, a boy born and buried in mid-June, was taken to Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar for an autopsy to determine whether he was born alive or was a still-birth.

Ketut Sukarta of Mendoya Police said the mother, whose husband is working in Japan, was eight months pregnant and gave birth at home without the assistance of midwives or traditional attendants.

He said she put the body in a bag and kept it in a room for a day. The baby’s father then came to her house and allegedly buried the baby’s remains in bamboo behind the police station.

Police say the mother could be jailed for up to nine months under Article 181 of the Criminal Code if the baby is determined to have died accidentally or in the womb.

If as a result of the autopsy she is charged with intentionally killing the baby, under Article 341 of the Criminal Code, she could be jailed for up to seven years.

In a separate case, Mendoyo Police are trying to resolve a dispute between a 37-year-old married woman – whose husband has been working in Japan for five years – and a 31-year-old man over the

future of a baby conceived from their relationship.

The two began seeing each other in July 2008 and in December the woman told the man she was pregnant and no longer wanted to see him. The man reportedly offered to arrange a termination of the

pregnancy, which she declined.

Police have been called in because the couple were not prepared to make commitments pending the child’s birth.

The man is reported to be willing to marry the woman if she divorces her husband or the take responsibility for the child if she will not.

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