Condotels Get a Tight Brief: Build Balinese

DENPASAR ~ Condotel developers have been given a wake-up call by Bali’s zoning authority Dinas Cipta Karya (DCK): they must build their properties on Balinese architectural lines and roof them accordingly.

The surge in development of condotels (condominium hotels that combine apartment-style accommodation with hotel services) in Badung regency worries planners and the zoning authority, who are anxious to preserve the distinctive architecture of the island.

Now developers have been warned not to ignore building requirements specified in their licence submissions.

The head of DCK, Ketut Suwandi, said many did not comply.

In future DCK would more tightly oversee development of new condotels to ensure they met architectural guidelines.

But it is not clear how the authorities will deal with non-complying structures that were built before the recent introduction of tighter building regulations.

With new developments, if the DCK found that a building violated the rules, it would request that Balinese style architecture be applied, Suwandi said.

“If it is found a condotel has been built without using Balinese architecture and the developer does not comply after a warning, then action will be taken.”

Applicants for a Building Permit are required to include the Balinese-style design of their project in their application.

Suwandi said some successful applicants deliberately built outside the requirements of their Building Permits and not according to the design plans submitted to DCK.

The issue of appropriate architecture has recently become a hot topic in the local Indonesian-language press.

One newspaper this week named the Aston at Kuta and the under-construction Best Western at Kedonganan, Jimbaran, as two examples of non-compliance.

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